Thank you so much for stopping by. Heart of the Word Music was created with the sole purpose of making a contribution to Christian music/literature. It is a ministry. The first project is an album called Love Letters (14 songs based on the letters of John the apostle). I pray it will encourage many more artists and songwriters to get involved in future products so more of these types of albums can be produced. “Love Letters” is an album with modern rhythms and styles based completely on a book in the bible. The lyrics are not word-for-word scripture but are more interpretive and application-oriented. They are sung by seasoned Christian artists you know and love.

For years we have been hearing the critique that church music was too “me” based, too much about feelings, and not enough about God’s power, wisdom, and presence. Essentially the conclusion is that the songs were lacking Biblical content. Those types of songs are good as there should be “psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs”, but there is a need for overt and concrete Biblical themes. 

Many times as a worship leader for a church service or even a Bible study you search for a song to complement the Bible passage being studied and have trouble finding one. These albums hope to provide the “fitting” songs that will celebrate and cement the concepts and their applications into the hearts and minds of the participants learning them. For example, it is hoped that after about 2-3 listens of an album, like “Love Letters”, the listener will have absorbed and understood the meaning and principles of the book it represents. If you choose to become involved at the leader level, you can have a suggested Bible study/sermon series to accompany the songs. This is ideal. One can use one’s own sermon/lessons or the one provided and use the songs to solidify the concepts. The discovery process for both the leaders/teachers and participants/congregants becomes enjoyable but also gives everyone an opportunity to dig into the Word of God in a new way.

Hopefully, not only a scripture comes to mind in a decision situation, but the concepts will musically flow as well. I cannot even count the times that has happened with songs from both modern-music and from the old hymns where the song is on my heart and so, in turn, God’s word is on my lips. Music can be the vehicle for learning and understanding on both a head and heart level.