How You Can Be Involved

This entire project has been covered in prayer from the beginning (over 7 years ago it started) so I ask that you prayerfully consider how you might be involved.  As the composer of these songs, I give them to you as a gift. My time has not been paid because God has given me the ability to have all my needs supplied so that I can give back what He has so graciously given me. The expenses to produce the musical part of this project and to have edits and web page and promotion have thus far been covered by funds from my inheritance. As the project sells it will eventually recoup this investment and provide the funds for the next project which is ready and waiting for production.

My prayer is that this experience blesses you, speaks life over you, and as you pour back into this ministry at some point this will become completely self-sustaining and we will be able to spread the love for the word of God further and further. This is Heart of the Word Music’s passion and mission.

Please go to the Shop and prayerfully consider support of this first project as a listener, facilitator, worship leader, Bible study leader, or pastor.


If you are a vocalist or songwriter or singer/songwriter, or producer who is interested in performing, producing or cowriting future projects, please let me know on the CONTACT page.


Please tell your family, friends, Facebook friends, and other social media friends, pastors, Bible study leaders, home fellowship leaders about this project and this website. Visit and like the Facebook page with the same name as well. It would be helpful to show them the whole thing…the Bible study and music and if interested in performing the music they can order the sheet music and chord charts for that purpose. 


If you have questions or comments please use the contact form and I will do my best to answer them.

Thank you for your interest, your support and your prayers.

Serving you with a song always in my heart,

psalmist apprentice (AKA Diana Fulmer)


The second project “UNLEASH YOUR FAITH”… from the book of James is ready to be produced.

We are hopeful that perhaps by the end of summer 2020 it will be ready for release. AND, the third project “DISCOVERING JOY” (from the book of Philippians) is already about 25% completed as well. It is hoped that there will be about one a year, more if others join the team. There will be quite a catalog of Bible/worship resources available in about 8-10 years.